12 March 2006

Hydroponics101 - week 3

It should be only be another 2 weeks & I expect to start harvesting some of the cabbage. The lettuce should be mature another week after that. The tomatoes won't be mature until they're 4-6 feet tall (yikes!) so I' don't know how long that is going to take.

Top left & back right -- crimson tomatoes
4 left, behind the tomato -- Chinese cabbage
4 left, in front of tomato -- buttercrunch lettuce

Current Affairs

5 Dogs
Three weekends ago (I think) I was the care taker of 5 dogs, yes 5. Two were tied up outside all of the time, so all I had to do was feed them. One is in my house (my roommate was gone). The other two slept inside at night. One of them was put out during the day & the other was in heat so I had to keep her on a leash & bring her back in. The Pederson's own 4 of those dogs. They went to Anchorage for the weekend & Dr. appointments. It was going to be six dogs, but one of the teachers ended up staying. It was kind of fun; I felt like I was getting out & doing something.

Wind Storms
We've had some awesome wind storms lately. The wind will blow constantly all day. Throw in some snow & some great snow drifts have formed changing the landscape dramatically. I wish I could take a decent photo, but it just ain't happenin' with the wind blowing out there. I'll try to remember when the wind stops blowing, which might be tomorrow. Day-to-day weather can be so different, here.

Dog Mushing
This week our village hosted some dog mushing races. The big race on Friday, with 8 contestants, was canceled due to increasing ground storms. Saturday we were lucky to see 100 feet away at times. I don't know what this will mean for the folks who came in from villages afar. But, hopefully I won't be gone for the weekend when the races resume.

Things at school have been rather busy with trying to make sure things are in order. Our quarter ends soon & we have parent/teacher conferences on Saturday.

My Jr. High pedagogy days are quickly coming to a full stop this Thursday. Can I get an A-men! Our '8th period' funding is coming to an end, the state tests are soon, we have cultural week & parent/teacher conferences 'round the corner. So, this will be the end of my days as a sometimes Jr. High teacher... until next year ... maybe. All told, it's been a great learning experience.

NYO practices have started up again & we'll start traveling soon. Actually there are two more travels on the agenda. Akula is a snow machine ride away & the meet is next weekend. Chefornak is hosting the district meet & it's in 3 weeks maybe. I'm excited to go there because I haven't been there before. I pray for good weather, as always. I'll bring extra clothes & my computer just in case.

Mainly I entertain myself. Kidding. I've been maintaining the hydroponics unit, which is so low maintanence. Two weekends ago I played in a basketball tournament. Otherwise, Tuesday is the night for ladies to play. We always have a blast, laughing & cheering each other on. Still loving it! This weekend I've had a lot of quality time visiting with people, listening to the radio, dinner, tea & talking. Good times! Right now, I'm over at Sara's (old Quin. roomy) house in the neighboring village (2.5 miles away). It's just a nice bumpy snow-machine ride over on the freshly blown in powder. It's nice to be able to have the liberty to travel to see a friend so close.

On the agenda I have making a winter qaspeq (Yup'ik style shirt), studying for my AK Studies class, & keeping the hydroponics up. The AK Studies class is interesting, but I think it would be so much better if I were in a class with people to discuss things. I have tons of mail that needs to go out. The Eskimo dancers have been practicing for about 2 months now. They'll be traveling to Tununak in 2 weeks & I think I'm going to join them. I'll have to pay for my own ticket, but it should be worth it. Things to do for school is always on the list.

08 March 2006

Week 2 ~ Hydroponics 101

Aren't they beautiful!!! They are only 14 days old & started from seedlings!