25 February 2011

Baker aka Best Tricks Maven

I realize that I should write on here more.  By now, probably the people who actually know me have stopped checking this site.  This is no long update blog post, which is probably what is deserved at this point.  What can I say, I've been fortunate, living life and "being here now."

This is to brag a lil' bit about my puppy (almost 2), Baker, who dominated the 8th Annual Bethel Dog Show on 02/20/11.  His trick? - sign language.  He knows about 20, but showed the crowd: sit, left and right shake, roll over, wait, and eat. 

Here's KYUK's post about it.  There is a short blurb from the broadcast at the top.  These photos were on there too.

KYUK - Bethel Dog Show
Photo Gallery

While we're talking about dogs, K300 is a pretty badass Iditarod qualifying race blasting off from Bethel.  KYUK has a lot of snapshots from this year, and probably past years too.  But, this is the year that I actually got to see the teams take off.