17 May 2012


That's how much sunlight we had in Bethel today. Sunrise at 6:35 and sunset at 11:30.

This is usually the first question that people ask me about living in Alaska: winter and summer light.

06 May 2012


There have been several times I wanted to add short blurbs about what's been going on, but then I just kept living my real world life. It's been a full spectrum gamut from negative to positive these last few months - & I am so on top of the world now.

I've been cheating. Just a little. I started a new blog: http://careyrunsalaska.blogspot.com/. This came about after deciding to take on training for a half marathon & a 15.75 mile run at Lost Lake, Seward, Alaska. Thanks for the jump start, Deanna. While reading this hilarious & non-threatening running book, I am encouraged to write & track my progress. It'll be fun to look back on how far I've come.

So, check out my new blog &, hey, you might feel like making a running goal too. Or at least you should be happy that you have the choice.

{Top four photos by Maria Gutleben. Bottom photo & map by Nate DeHaan.}