21 September 2006

Mr. Wood is in the world

7lbs 1 ounce
21" long

My friend Tammy & Woody just had their second baby this morning. They haven't named him yet, but I heard they are all well.

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!

04 September 2006

Walk in Beauty...

This is a Navajo saying, but appropriate across cultures!

At 60 degrees, Alaska is hot & most likely you're experiencing a gorgeous day. I've been appreciating these days more this year. I'm sure it will make me love the winter even more. On the adgenda: berry picking (blue, black, salmon), boat rides, walking the tundra, cooking, live music, hanging out... & Loving my great class this year. I can tell we are going to learn a lot!

To the left of the tip of the boat are 3 new windmills that help supply energy for 3 neighboring villages here. It's about time!

On our way to Akiuk to visit Sara.

Sallison brothers. Dale, the older one, is in my class for the second year.

Photo box - take 2

Jenny & I have taken a few walks & this day we took some photo ops.

The tundra is amazing with how many plants are concentrated together.

One of my favorites is Tundra Cotton.

Going to feed the dogs with the Pedersons is always entertaining. This is Eric with Seeker doing her usual acrobatics.

Ahhh, the labrynth of rivers around here.


See, it only takes me 2 months to do something. But, I always follow through. It's about time for a trim now. :-)