28 March 2012

Coming soon!

It's been a long while since I've posted. Expect a new post... soon!

21 March 2012

Flashback with Joolee

This was around 2009 in Akula (Kasigluk) when Joolee was teaching there. Bill posted this photo on the blog, Joolee's Forty, that he designed to celebrate her 40th birthday with 40 stories from friends & family around the world. Love you, Joolee!!!

15 March 2012

Derby Circuit

We've started a Roller Derby league in Bethel! This is all too exciting, as there aren't too many things to do for entertainment or indoor exercise in the winter. There are a good 20-somthing of us kicking this off.

This is Regan & me after our circuit workout of the day.