18 July 2012


I'm puppy sitting Kia, the large black dog, for a friend. Baker & I decided to take her for a walk with Deanna's dogs. My part in walking took very little effort, because I had a steady pull. There was no time for me to fall down. :-)

Yes. They're all hooked to my waist.

09 July 2012

Puppy Pin

This is my Pops making a gate for the back porch so that Baker can have a puppy pin. I don't have all the wood shop tools he has at home. So this required some hand chiseling for that diagonal support bar. He even measured Baker's head for the vertical slats.

* Stand by for a picture of the final product.

08 July 2012

Tesia & Pops visit Bethel

These are a few photos Tess took while they were here. She knows more about the features on my camera than I do! (& isn't she beautiful! ... even though she's trying to look snarky :-)