26 January 2007

Holy Shnow

No picture I could take would do this justice, maybe video. But, I don't have a video camera.

School was canceled yesterday because of a -54 temp. including 30 mph winds. It was pretty constant all day long. I could barely see past the water pipe, which is 50' away from our house. There's some good competition today, right now. Horizontal snow is always fun. We have some great snow drifts in the making.

P.S. Our arctic porch has officially earned it's name again this year, as our front door will not shut. Luckly we have another!

22 January 2007

swish, swosh, zip, swish...

I went skiing for the third time in my life yesterday. The powder was very soft, which was cumbersome at times. But, at least it wasn't icey. I did stay out there for around an hour. I'm working my way up to being able to visit my friend 2.5 miles away. Good times.

08 January 2007

On Top of the World!!!

Yes, folks I've arrived safely in Barrow. I am on top of the world!

I was nervous upon checking the weather for Barrow the other day b/c it said -21, but feels like -41 b/c of wind chill. But, it was walkable weather yesterday without a proper hat or gloves & no snow pants. My hopes are the same for today (no wind), because I want to go to the heritage center, etc. No Nothern Lights thusfar; I'm still looking. I noticed the moon when I arrived yesterday & was cabbing it over to Jody's house at 11am. Many of you wonder about the light; it actually gets to be like a very light dawn in the middle of the day. I've seen some beautiful pictures of polar bears, though none in person, as of yet. Everything here is frosty; like the hoar fost that just wraps itself around everything. Jody is well & filling me in on all of the North Slope drama; they aren't lacking up here fo' sho'.

I awoke this am at 4:30 after falling asleep around 8p. I spent 2 hours reading more of Eldest (I'm about to break into the 400s, yay... only 270 pages to go) & still couldn't sleep. So, you find me, or I find you, on MySpace, etc... I feel so productive; I should have this regime everyday.

I debark from Barrow on the 10th, stopping at Deadhorse on the way. Then, I'll be staying in Anchorage a couple of nights @ Dimond before going back to Nunap. I dread lesson planning, but at least I have almost another week before I have to do it, right.

P.S. I am, yet again, without luggage. Really the value of toothpaste & fresh colthes is overrated. The bag is in Anchorage & hopefully will come on the am jet today. Rarr! (& fingers crossed) :-)
P.S.S. This is a blatent copy & paste from MySpace :-p