31 January 2006

Faster, faster...

Ahhh, the 'master cleanse!'

fresh organic lemon juice (5 a day), water, maple syrup (grade B), cayanne pills --- All & all it wasn't so hard to drink 60-100 oz a day. My body never felt hungry once. But, my mind, now that's a different story. I craved chewing, weird. Days 7-9 were the hardest & it was intermittant.

So, I've finally made it the whole 10 days. Last time I only made it to 6, but I know what the problems were. I'm toxic free now, right? Riiiiight; I know those parasites & such are just waiting to burrow back in. :-p

Everyone should try this at least once. It's good fo' da body & min'!

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