09 February 2006


Yes! This is it; it's my very own snow-go. Well, my very own as well as my roommates very own. We bought it together.

I've driven it a couple times since Christina's boyfriend, Richard, delivered it last Saturday. I took them to the airport on Sunday, which is about a mile drive. Then, last night I took a friend home in the neighboring village, Kasigluk. This is about a 10 mile drive & we left after 10 pm. The wind was going so at times it was hard to see 5 feet in front of me. Luckily, Eric (another teacher aka Elf-man) escorted us, because I haven't been there before. The trail is so well marked though with bushed & posts with reflectors scattered about every 10 feet all the way there. Most of the time I was driving with one hand. The other was up to block the snow from stinging my face. Thank goodness for goggles!

Yay! It's official - I have a snow machine!

Next is the trip to Bethel at 30 miles away (about a 1 hour trip on a typical day).

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