19 November 2006

Have you ever said, "I'm bored?"

Maybe I haven't written a post for more than a month because my life is fairly boring.
I wake up to music, then an annoying/cute alarm.
I putz around my houst a bit.
I go to work to prep. for class.
I have class (with wonderfully ever changing, ever challenging 7-9 year-old children).
I have been sitting in on NYO (native youth olympics)& wrestling practices. Those I have dropped due to the classes
I have been taking. The classes are Geology, which also includes teaching GIS (comp. map making system) & GPS skills to 2 Jr. High students through a science fair project.
I use my non-school time to hang out with co-workers: Peter who plays guitar or feuds with me in Stratego. Christina & Sara who play Settler's of Catan (love the game - you should play). Jenny & Christina who I am almost constantly with (Christina & I live together). We usually just hang & talk with occational flicks ('Color of Fear' & 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' are our recent ones. 'City of God' is next.). We do have a weekly writing group that meets to share works. I haven't written that much, but some. Some other teachers are Sally (our original hippie) who also sparked the writing group. S-Mac (aka Sara) is involved with the writing group & occational hangings out (she's a closet streaker). We had a craft throw down one day that school was canceled b/c we didn't have 60% of students at school (the river wasn't quite frozen & there was also a death). Those crafts of painting, beading, knitting, & drawing symetrical geometrics included Shaun, Sara's fiance.
I love the Pedersons (Eric & Sherry), but rarely get to hang out with them. Eric helped me get my snow-go ready for action last weekend (change crank case fluid, add oil, grease joints, new spark plugs). Now all I need is more snow to drive it on, instead of ice & frozen tundra. So, it's parked & propped. Sherry is beautifully pregnant creaping into her 3rd trimester. They also have an upcoming booming, dog sled team including 4 puppies & a musher (Eric) with a sprained ankle. We need snow! (Not Wed. or Sat. because I'm flying those days. Otherwise, give us a blizzard.)

I also occationally exercise (tredmill, Tues. women's night b-ball, Wed. staff v-ball), read (Eldest & Scar Tissue & various articles or interest), sleep, listen to music & care for my hydroponics plants (mainly the zuccini is the only one growing now, but it's beautiful). Yep; that's about it.
I am going to Anchorage for the Thanksgiving break with Jenny, meeting Sara & Eric there. This means organic foods, live music, a massage, a haircut, shopping at the Natural Pantry, maybe a movie in a theatre, wine & cracked crab at Jenny's aunt & uncles house for Thanksgiving dinner, seeing mountains, trees & cars. Good times.

You might think this Sounds eventful. But, you have to remember that the same things happen month after month. The weather, students, & good company keeps us on our toes. I'm perfectly happy with the simple life at the moment.

Post inspired by fellow boring teacher, Jenny, who's most frequent lines tonight have included "I can't believe you haven't heard of Kuchen!" This is unlike her usual political or environmental or phylisophical, psycholigical, anti-government or anti-America/USA rampages. We love her! (I'm surrounded by a lot of good vibe peeps. I feel lucky that we've crossed paths.)

*Disclaimer: If any of this isn't cohesive or sounds random, take it as it is. It is what it is. I wish whoever is reading this good health, positive energy, and loving company. :-)

*P.S. Stay tuned for photos or hydroponics & a boat driving through an ice crushed path across the river.

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