08 January 2007

On Top of the World!!!

Yes, folks I've arrived safely in Barrow. I am on top of the world!

I was nervous upon checking the weather for Barrow the other day b/c it said -21, but feels like -41 b/c of wind chill. But, it was walkable weather yesterday without a proper hat or gloves & no snow pants. My hopes are the same for today (no wind), because I want to go to the heritage center, etc. No Nothern Lights thusfar; I'm still looking. I noticed the moon when I arrived yesterday & was cabbing it over to Jody's house at 11am. Many of you wonder about the light; it actually gets to be like a very light dawn in the middle of the day. I've seen some beautiful pictures of polar bears, though none in person, as of yet. Everything here is frosty; like the hoar fost that just wraps itself around everything. Jody is well & filling me in on all of the North Slope drama; they aren't lacking up here fo' sho'.

I awoke this am at 4:30 after falling asleep around 8p. I spent 2 hours reading more of Eldest (I'm about to break into the 400s, yay... only 270 pages to go) & still couldn't sleep. So, you find me, or I find you, on MySpace, etc... I feel so productive; I should have this regime everyday.

I debark from Barrow on the 10th, stopping at Deadhorse on the way. Then, I'll be staying in Anchorage a couple of nights @ Dimond before going back to Nunap. I dread lesson planning, but at least I have almost another week before I have to do it, right.

P.S. I am, yet again, without luggage. Really the value of toothpaste & fresh colthes is overrated. The bag is in Anchorage & hopefully will come on the am jet today. Rarr! (& fingers crossed) :-)
P.S.S. This is a blatent copy & paste from MySpace :-p

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