20 June 2007

Things I love about Greece!

* The scenery. I didn't expect it to be so arid or for the water to be ascold. Handsome Greek men who look like a statue could be carved by looking atthem, also part of the scenery. There are more mountains than I expected &the wind blows a lot on the islands, which makes you forget how hot it Reallyis.* Bottled water from local springs.

* The food ... It's fresh (which is a luxury for me now) & regional (always aplus) & simple (enjoy food as it is, right).

* Free Ouzo, Raki, & food.

* Wine served form a barrel.

* Hearing, "Hello beautiful, what can I do for you?"

* When telling someone that we're teachers, people all but bowing down in ourpresence. We are celebrities.

* I have such a "charming & engaging travel partner." & by that I mean thatI'm seeing ALL sides of Jenny. (hint: always know where a coffee shop is!)

* Internet Cafe's that charge 2.50E an hour.

* The Unbearable Lightness of Being Kundera... a book I'm obsessed with, thanksto Jenny. Kurt Vonnegut is next on my list, after my next book, thanks toJenny again.* Cobble streets with designs made out of rocks.

*Welcomed stray dogs & cats.

*My new dress.

* Dancing with strangers to traditional songs & feeling like we've know eachother for ages.

* Seeing & being in the presence of ruins from civilizations that are fromthousands of years BC. The quality of their work is unmatched by our presentday frame of mind which is 'build without character.'

* A sandy beach (there are a lot of pebble beaches).

* The next stop...

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