22 October 2008

Picture It

This is Nunap. back in August. If I were to take a photo now, you'd see snow & ice & houses camouflaged by both.

This year I tried my hand at coaching cross country (X-C) running again. It went better than last year with about the same # of kids committed. Practices start off with 15+ kids & then dwindle down to 3-ish. This is fine. I'll hold a practice for 1 committed athlete & our SA allowed us to travel more w/ low #s. X-C has a short season, at around a month, but we made the most of it. Photos: #1-Christopher, Stephanie, & Byron in Tooksok Bay (OOK). #2- The boys sneaking up on some of the 100+ birds we saw on our morning hike. #3- This is my little friend, Eric, who followed me when I was out on the Akula course to cheer them onward. #4- Bethel, our "hub," usually puts on a big meet with 15-20 schools. They're at a central location so it costs less to fly there & the course is difficult being a literal sand pit.

Why is there a tiller at a tundra village? I didn't see any garden near by.

These are some cold air funnel clouds, part of what was three. They came about on 11 Sept. Everyone was yelling, "tornado" & excitedly watching outside. This isn't a regular occurrence. Shaun, who is a storm chaser, was quite excited for this too. Thanks for the photo Shibby. :-)

I have acquired two cats w/in the last month. One of Zane's owners was allergic to him. Jade's owner's were going to put her on the tundra to die, even though they willingly bought her. Both are Vern cats with white coats, patches on their head & tails & a spot on their left side. They came from two different places. Maria theorizes that they came from the same litter, which is possible if they both came from Bethel. Zane has the black top & Jade has the tabby markings. The only photo I have of both of them is this one where they are feuding. Yes, Jade has decided to make the litter box her fortress.


Christina. said...

Awe... I was wondering when I was finally going to see Zane and Jade. SO cute!!! So... you should come into Bethel. Just Desserts is at 7:30. Be my date?

funky punk said...

I've been painting the doors today, 8 so far. I hope it's going to turn out; I've been doing a little bit of mixing.

Where did you guys have deserts?

Is it as melty there today as it is here?

Christina. said...

"Just Desserts" is a Bethel thing. A big get together with life music, etc. It's too late now though. Our Halloween Carnival was supposed to get over at 4:00 but I didn't get home until nearly 7:00. So... yeah... I'm out for the trip in to Bethel too. I'll be there nest weekend though... for 3Square training. We should plan to meet up again. :)

funky punk said...

Wow! That sounds great. You know I dig the live tunes. Is it on Sat.? And this an ongoing thing?