24 February 2009


Time and patience go hand in hand, right. Sometimes they conflict, when we want to move things along faster, for instance. Other times they compliment, as when something unexpected happens. I received a cloaked message today from a visitor.

About *3* summers ago I took a class about ArcMap, which included assisting some Jr. High students in a project utilizing the program and them presenting their product at a Science Fair Symposium in Juneau the following spring. Parents of one out of two students that made it all the way to the symposium asked if they could borrow $200 to let her buy things whilst there. I agreed. They never paid me back or mentioned it. And I wrote it off as a loss, knowing good karma would be the gain. In all honesty, I could take the loss and they couldn't.

So, today I get a knock on the door (at school). The dad of that student walks in and hands me two chrisp $100 bills. I responded with a "Wow! Quyana!" for obvious reasons. He stood there for a minute. Then, he sedately said, "Well, we owe you. I'm not sorry. But, you know, my wife, she is." Another half a minute pause went by. "Thanks for your patience," he said as he walked towards the door.

Never mind the sweet bonus. The reminder I received was just as valuable. Everything that is meant to happen shall on its own time; I need only be patient and keep pursuing. When I'm ready to receive those gifts they will be bestowed upon me.

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