01 January 2012

End of the Year 2011

Breaking the tradition of going to Asheville to bring in the new year, I went South - yes more South than NC. A friend and I wanted to go somewhere warm. Thanks to her cunning search skills, she found a Photojournalism workshop in Teotitlan del Valle and Oaxaca, Mexico. It didn't end up being Photojournalism, rather photography and writing. But, it brought like-minded, adventurous, intelligent, interesting women together.

Our instructor June directed us to think of a theme for our final product to show on Friday (the 6th). I had written down things I wanted to focus on before stepping onto Mexican soil, so that my mind would be free to think of other things to try. But, once she said "theme," my immediate reaction was COLOR! For those of you who have traveled in Mexico, you know what vibrant and daring colors I'm talking about.

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