29 October 2012


Bethel Fire Department

In September, I started taking the EMT-1 (Emergency Medical Technician, basic) course through the Fire Department here in Bethel. 6 credits. Classes Monday / Wednesday from 6:00 to 9 or 10:00 as well as Saturdays 9:00-4:00. Plus, there's additional homework & reading to do. It's challenging. I'm actually remembering a slew, & I love it.

Wednesday, we had our first dramatic "call." We practice scenarios all the time. The topic was trauma: head, neck, and spine. Our instructor, & captain of the F. Dept., said, "We have a patient in the building who might need an occlusive dressing. Go find him!" Our class of eight, found one of the EMTs in the hall with a nice fake raised bloody neck laceration. We worked as a team to go through the skills when assessing a trauma patient from BSI to treatment & transport. It was fun! Hospital photos, videos, & these practice scenarios are a far cry from real ambulance calls, but it's helping to toughen up my stomach & get me mentally ready.

Early December I take the state exam (150 multiple choice questions) & practical exam, like the drill on Wednesday but with 10 stations, a proctor, & a stopwatch. Wish me luck!

I sense a pattern here. --->

... diva. He may be trying to out "show" that fire hydrant.

It makes him happy, okay.

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