08 December 2012

Officially an E-M-T! ... almost

I passed the Alaska EMT state exam with 91% on Friday
& the practical exam today!

Practicals consisted of six stations:
Medical Assessment & Exam,
Trauma Assessment & Exam,
AED operations,
supine back board,
bag-valve-mask with Oxygen,
OPA & NPA (oral & nose airway openers). 

Thankfully, I got those in one shot too.  We're allowed a second chance.

Now, I have to wait on my application to go through.  Then, I can start volunteering at the Fire Department.

* Too boot, I met a couple of paramedics on Saturday.  They  said all I have to do is fill out a waiver & I can be on call to go on the Medivac flights.  These flights go out to villages where there is no hospital access.  Exciting!


T. Smith said...

Yay! (: don't overwork yourself! But I am proud!

T. Smith said...

Also -- your hair is long now!

Christina. said...

You are so awesome!