17 April 2006

Visiting Quin. again

So, we had a long weekend for Easter. I decided to go down to Quinhagak for a spring visit. Christina & Jenny decided to join me. It was almost a perfect visit. I was able to see a lot of people. I maqik-ed (steamed) every night. One night the stove was So hot that the top of the stove was red! It had to be 300 in there. I visited the school & I was able to see most of the kids I taught. I even got to know some of the new teachers better. We were actually weathered in an extra night, which wasn't that bad.

Jenny, Justin & I went iceberg hopping down at the bay. The ice was still frozen out on the bay near a mile from shore. Then there were the icebergs. The day was just perfect!

By the way, the photos of Justin & myself were beautifully taken by Jenny. I took the one of her leaping. All rights reserved.

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