25 April 2006

Week 9 ~ No More Babies in the H2O

Holy cow! It's been 9 weeks since I planted their little seeds. The one tomatoe plant seems to be doing so much better & now the other one is stunted. One of the cabbages is just growing like crazy. Another one is too, but I topped the flower & it's grown straight up since then. Another flower is growing, so I won't snip it & I'll see how it does. The two other cabbage are growing, but slower than the others. The lettuce hasn't died, it just hasn't grown hardly at all since that first salad. Perplexion has set in ... hhmmmm. Is perplexion even a word? It is now. And yes, these babies have been growing with a flouresent light only. (I've had issues with the HP & metal halide lights & the system I have.)

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