25 May 2006

Pops 1st time in AK

Schools out. Summer's in.

My Pops came to visit the village for a couple of days. We walked just about every stitch of boardwalk there is on our side of the river. He went ice fishing (aka jigging, manaqing) for the first time & caught 3 pike, all over a foot long. We're all on ice in that jigging picture, no land for another 30 feet or so.

Our ride to the airport consisted of: walking to the post office dock, through the slush of the river, onto the needle ice, walking behind a boat, jumping in the boat as it was sliding into the water. Then, paddled over to a dock across the river, waited while the agent went to get his 4-wheeler & trailer to take us about a mile over the boardwalk on that side of the river. Fun times. I'm glad none of us fell through the ice!

My dad took the other 2 photos.

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