25 May 2006

Wuz uP wit me ...

I'm in Bethel for the night. We (my Pop & I) fly to Anchorage on the am jet (7:45am departure, ugh!).

Sat. we'll start our hike on Crow's Pass. Yay! We plan on camping & hiking leisurely. After the hike we have until June 3rd to piddle, yes I said piddle, around in ANC, Seward, & Homer.

June 3-12 Pops will join me in Juneau. On the 5th I start a field based geology class (EDGE) learning about GPS & a computer map making program; that ends on the 17th. We might meet up some during that time, but he's going to be exploring the area.

June 18th I'll go to Cordova, AK (Prince William Sound, Copper River area) to take another field based class. I guess we'll leave promptly on the 19th to go to mile 25 & settle into camp. This class deals with oceanography, ecology, & wetlands study. All going back to how we can use this in the classroom.

June 23rd, I'm homeward bound to NC. I haven't been there since August of last year!

August 7th I'll be homeward bound again for AK & my 4th year teaching! Woah...

For those of you who are non-Alaskans, it's 11pm & fully bright outside.
The midnight sun has begun!

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