17 March 2007

Juneau calling

For those of you who haven't been to Juneau in the season of snow - you're missing out. Imagine those beautiful 50'+ spruce trees weighted down with wet, fluffy snow. It's still falling now to go along with the unusual snowy summit of this season.

Two students (jr. high & HS) & I arrived Thurs. night. Our trek is for the EDGE (experiential discoveries & geoscience edu.) science fair symposium. The girls were to create a project utilizing the GPS & ArcMap (a GIS system). This is an extension from workshops that we took separately this summer; & it's the finale' (bitter sweet... or is it sweet & bitter ...).

OH! It's St. Patrick's day... }{appy Patrick's to the saint! May your merriness not allow you to be green tomorrow.

OH, NO! That's right, I have carried my faithful laptop of 3 years along for this wonderous ride. Last night & tonight it stays in the abyss, with a blank screen & a full battery. I'm hoping that it's a screen issue & not a HD issue (4000ish iTunes songs await this fate... send the music good vibes). Now I have some 'training weight' for the Greece/Turkey feat this June.

Have I mentioned that it's 3:45am?

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