20 February 2007


So, was a blizzardy Sunday of No traveling. Yesterday, after the pitter patter of children's feet left my classroom, I shimmied out the door to bolt from school early. Christina's snow machine, shared between her & Richard, awaited our arrival to Bethel. Christina, Shaun, & I debarked at 4:30. 57 minutes & 7 million bumps later... Snow-go retrieved & reved we went to buy groceries, in a real grocery store, where you can actually walk around & touch the goods.

As I lugged my backpack full of goodies to the machine to strap down there stood Sara & Maria (neighbors in the village 2.5 miles away). We had planned to go together on Sunday, but neither of our parties knew the other were going yesterday. We also saw a couple of folks from Quinhagak (a 5 hour trek), who were maddly headed back home. Wow! 1 stop at Subway, 2 foot longs paid for, 1/4 eaten, 5 snow machines ready to go, 7:00 towards home. One the way out I saw a few people from Nunap. who had come in to shop also.

On the way home the sunset was so beautiful with the cresant moon & North star shining; it looked like a painting. Villages look like major cities at night, from 10 miles away on a snow-go, a beacon on the massive tundra.

I love having a snow machine as my main means (well on land) of transportation. Who needs a car?

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