29 May 2007

Finally P-h-o-t-o-s!!!

This is our gas station. Fill 'er up! Just a mere $4.50 a gallon. (haha, no link, just kidding...)
(Above) This is a typical ride to & fro our airport during boating season.

(Look down) This was on my birthday, during the feast. I invited anyone from the community who wanted to come & eat. We had 150+ folks come & dine. Some of the guys hooked up their mini-amps & played about 1/2 of the 8 hour feast.

Ok, Blogger isn't letting me edit how I like, so I'm going to type the rest of the captions down here. Finally, I got a class photo: 3 kids are missing from our clan, Eliza on the left is the regular aide in our class. We took this photo for pen pals, so Sue is in the photo too. She's Peter's mother & visited for the last 2 1/2 weeks of school, living at our house & working with me in the classroom. The kids are reading their pen pal letters in the other photo.

And, TA DA, we have 5 graduates this year, which is Quite an accomplishment. Two are going to college at UAFairbanks in the fall.

~All of these photos were taken by Suzanne Fee (the only blonde), except for the ones you see her in. Peter too the one of her on the boat & Sara (lovingly otherwise known as S-Mac) took the class photo. Thanks!~

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