03 April 2008


Well, I've signed my contract for next year here in Nunapitchuk. It will be my 6th year here in LKSD, Alaska. If you get a chance to explore on the Internet, our website is www.lksd.org. A class is updating our school webpage. At this point, I figure I can try to commit myself for the 8 years that will help my retirement. Although, if I’m unhappy I refuse to stay, for retirement.

My tutoring kids from other classes after school & the odd volunteer jobs around the school are fizzling out. Also, coaching Jr. high/HS cross-country & NYO (Native Youth Olympics), including traveling to other villages with them is coming to a close within the month. So far, I've visited 13 LKSD villages, some several times. I hope to make it to all of them by the time I leave here. Though, I still see it as “possible” that I could stay here. It just depends on how things roll.

Tonight I'm getting paperwork & organization squared away for our NYO meet here tomorrow. We're expecting around 7 schools to come out to compete. I hope that weather allows them all to make it here! I also just finished sending off the Writing phase descriptions to my commander in chief. I've been working on this writing curriculum review committee & although it was hours of fun, I'm glad it's coming to a close. Some suckers, I mean folks, are going to be working on it in the summer to refine things. But, I won't be staying around lovely Alaska for the summer.

I may be able to stay for an arts workshop in Bethel for 3 days. Then, I'll promptly hope on a # of jets to go to Australia with my roommate & a friend of hers! I might be able to visit my distance ed. college in Portland prior also. We’ll be visiting another college buddy of hers in Sydney. In my spare time, I’m also looking at houses on the market in Colorado. I’ve been thinking about it for over a year now & so I’m trying to learn more about real estate in general. I’m not sure yet if I’ll visit there this summer to actually view some houses as well as some hiking & camping. But, that's a possibility. I’m sure my pops would love to tag along. Other than that I'll be livin' it up with friends in NC & making the annual (19th this year) trip to Pawley's Island beach, SC with Pops' side of the family. My cousin also mentioned that I could fly over to Nashville, TN to visit their place before driving down to the beach with them. Oh yeah, & I'm thinking of hiking Crow's Pass (Girdwood to Eagle River) in the fall.

I Always try to spend more time in NC & inevitably other places to visit keep popping up. There are only a few things that are certain for my summer: Australia, NC (who knows how long) & Pawley's.

"First you turn the music way up loud,
Then you nod your head up and down
And wag your loco tail, back and forth,
To the chimichanga rumba
and the cha-cha-cha." ~ Skippyjon Jones (Schachner) :-9

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