23 April 2008

Mysterious Poem

As I came into the classroom today I noticed a green sticky note on a table. Here's what it says:
"Looking out my window, I peer at the soft glowing orb in the sky. It is floating in veils of gray, black, and purple clouds. The moon is constantly playing hide and seek with me. It is quiet at night. The silence lulls me to sleep. Good night."

This is a lovely little write up, don't you think? Who do you think left it?

A) The ghost(s) that I have often heard in the school.
B) One of the three student teachers who are visiting & have been in & out of our classroom this week.
C) Another teacher
D) The janitor
E) Other


funky punk said...

So I found out this is my roommate, Maria's writing. Not a ghost, sorry.

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

so cool it is! hehe

Deanna said...

ah bummer... i was going for the ghosts!

Ay'atang'aq said...

I was going to guess C) Another teacher :)