07 May 2008

Oh so nice

Yesterday was an amazing day. I wish I could have a day like that every day. We kicked tail in class with load of hands on activities to go with a poem & for our week long Cinco de Mayo celebrations. I'm adding some new ideas for other class time activities & they're working. I bought a couple books at that Differentiated Instruction seminar. I seriously want to move into having such great energy alllll the time! It helps that I've had 10-13 kids a day too. The birds are back & kids are wanting to feel the sun's vibrations, so they're missing school for hunting & biking around.

After school I was quite productive too. We (Duane & I, then Maria, Kenny, & I) propped sleds against the wall for summer, moved the wood logs where the swampynes will be minimal, put away snow machines, let Loki outside for a while (neighbor's dog I'm watching for a few weeks) & I did the homework I wanted to. I wish I had a lot of projects to do outside like that all the time! The sunshine feels so good & it's nice to chat with the kids outside of school. I had forgotten about this for a while. It's so energizing to have such long days, sun setting at close 11:30pm (rises close to 4:30am), but it makes you restless if you don't have things to do.

P.S. I cannot stop thinking about when I go to the lower 48 & I can go into a comic book store. I'm so in love with graphic novels now! I love the dialogue, the artwork usually rocks, & it's a fast read. I foresee one problem, lots of books, which are heavy to move.

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Deanna said...

wonderful day. i hope i can be so productive tomorrow. that's my goal :) vicki and i also put our snowmachines away for the winter, spring is finally here! whew.

i think you should show me a graphic novel sometime. i really don't know anything about them.