19 May 2008

1 score & 1 decade & 1 year ago...

Stars burst, galaxies shifted, moons moved into the new, mountains moved, rivers swerved, people bustled, birds migrated, glaciers calved, whales jumped, the wind wailed, clouds metamorphosed, but still this was no ordinary day. I was born.

The Law of Time mantra for the day is:
"I Endure in order to Play
Transcending Illusion
I seal the Process of Magic
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Vision"


jody said...

hey, i have a three part question for you
1. what are your plans for the summer?
2. when does school start in the fall
3. do yu want to have a korean adventure?

Deanna said...

happy super late birthday. only now did i really understand what that was. i'm slow.

funky punk said...

:-) No worries!

Thanks.... (I just read this!)