07 June 2008

Sydney Social

This is a few day's old post that I managed to add onto MySpace when Blogger wouldn't let me sign on. The Internet here is kind of slow so it's taking forever to add something like this or send e-mails. I'm just going to have to forget about uploading photos for now.

I figure that I should update all of you who know I'm in Australia about what I'm actually doing whilst here. Randomly...

So far we've done a lot of city dwelling, looking at parks, gardens, the Parliament House, harbour, the zoo, eating out & shopping. Last night we saw Edward Scissorhands at the Opera House. The music was superb & the dancing was quite syncronized. There are also a ton of beaches right near the city. We went to Bondai to walk around, oggle surfers, hunt for shells, etc. The water temp. was actually not that bad. Long term, it would be cold though. Manly beach is supposed to be more where the locals go; we're going to get there one of these days.

There's a holiday on Monday so we're going to go to Queensland, NE of here to or towards Brisbane (to avoid some holiday traffic). I'm guessing we'll be driving through some semi-rural areas anyway. One of Marina's friend's has someting to do with a football (Euro) around here so maybe we'll go to the Olympic stadium to see a game this week. On a musical note, I've heard that Midnight Oil is Australia's 'political' band (I'm writing it here so that I won't forget :-).
It's been raining practically every day so far, sometimes pooring steadily. I think we're going to have a slow day today, b/c we've been going nonstop. We might just go to a couple of museums.
Ok, before I go I have a story for you. So, the US President came to APEX for a big G8 Summit meeting with several world leaders. This might have been within the last couple of years. It was a big to do & many of the streets were closed off, making it a Big incomvenience to a lot of people. The city traffic here is crazy & the streets aren't gridded, it's like a handfull of cooked spaghetti. So there's a TV show called "Joke Chasers" & they decided they would see just how far they could go. (This might be on uTube out there somewhere.) They rented a limo, one dressed like Osama Binladen, & there were 2 guys running alongside the limo while they were driving. The "security" guys had badges, saying "Joke Chasers." They drove right into the middle of all the high security near the Intercontinental Hotel where the presidents were staying. Security stopped them of course, through several levels, so they showed them their badges. Of course, they were waved through. Finally after "Osama" actually got out of the car & started walking around did someone suspect that something was arye.

G'day :-)


Deanna said...

oh australia sounds wonderful, especially the surfers! :)

i hope you're having fun despite the rain.

funky punk said...

Naturally! Thanks!

Do you get an e-mail saying that I responded to you, or is it by happenstance that you see this again?

funky punk said...
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Gella said...

Good for people to know.