13 December 2008

crunch time

No, I'm not eating cereal. Wrong again, I'm not walking in the snow. Nope, sorry, I haven't taken up wrestling. My fellow teachers probably know what I'm referring to.

It's the end of the first semester; 81/190 days under our belt now. So, over the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of assessing to make sure these little troopers are on track for their academics. The results? We're doing ok. We are approaching the 1/2 way point in their math. Reading "scores" are varied; many are behind, though progress has been made. More are reading at home to supplement what we do here. This is a huge help. And they are kicking tale in writing! This is a subject I think is quite challenging to foster, especially when getting them to write anything is an issue. But, upon grading papers this week, which I have neglected for a while, some of them blew me out of the water & are ahead of the game. *jumping & clicking heels to the side*

Also, we are practicing a mini-musical for the school c-mas program. This is a first for me & definitely a first for them. It's very simple with 9 short songs to familiar tunes along with narration. We have been making some props & they are really getting into it. My fingers are crossed for audible voices & calm nerves once they're on stage this Thursday.

... Friday is the last day of school for 3 weeks. I fly out on Saturday en route to NC. So far, I have a one way ticket. I may be able to go to Korea to visit a friend, given airfare has dropped. Or, I might try to visit a friend in ND {Jenny, expect an e-mail from me soon. *_*}. I may come back to AK a bit early to prep for the 3rd quarter. Decisions, decisions...


Deanna said...

i'm the crunchiest of them all... i have so much work to do!

i'm glad you're on track, at least that makes one of us ;)

Kyle Marvin said...

By my count, Friday is the last day of school we have for three weeks and 4 days. I think that's an important distinction to make.

funky punk said...