30 November 2008

swish, swish… slide… swish, swish... swish, swish…

Today I went skiing for the first time this season! (Cross-country… just in case you’ve forgotten that I live atop flatland.) There have been so many opportune days that I’ve missed so far and I wasn’t going to let that happen today, another windless day. I’ve skied maybe ½ a dozen times, self-taught, and I still feel like I don’t exactly know what I’m doing. It’s not difficult; it just seems I should be using some sort of technique, besides keeping myself from sliding around on the crusty snow. Pederson informed me that I should push back on the skis and just use the poles for balance. I do this, however I’m still seeking the glorious glide. My quest remains.

Around 4:00 I aimed towards Akiuk, 2.5 miles mostly W of Nunap. My plan was to just ski as far as I could for 30 minutes and then come back. By the time I reached my goal, I wasn’t satisfied with the dump being my turning point. Akiuk was just one more lake away really. The air was crisp; everything so still and clear.

Deanna, I stopped by to visit you, but you must have been at school. Subsequently, Vicki was a host for me for about 30 minutes. That was a fun, quick visit. Thanks, Vicki! ^_^ I haven’t seen you in person for a while anyway.

Initially I was thinking that the sun would set around 5:30. Though, on my way over I quickly realized that it was happening at 4:30. I dressed adequately enough, but a little too sparse, especially for the trek back. The hair and part of my hat next to my face became enveloped in frosty ice, my thumbs were a tad numb, and my eyelashes kept freezing. I had to close my eyes to warm them up enough to blink. It was a bit chilly; surprisingly I was still comfortable. The return journey was all during twilight with a blue tint, ground to sky, and still clear. I made it back just before pitch black dark befell around 6ish; my thermometer says it’s -12.5 F. Good times!

P.S. You may already do this, as I do, including reading comments on other's pages. {I'm not a stalker; people are just fascinating & lets face it, I love my friends.} If you haven't looked at the "good vibe bloggers" sites on my list, it's worthwhile to take a peek. They're writing some pretty good stuff these days.
Many are relevant to the area where I live: from 'musings from afar' to 'getting there from here'. Enjoy!


Vicki said...

I was glad to see you today! Whew- such a chilly, clear day! Glad you had fun skiing :)

funky punk said...

I had kind of a slow start leaving b/c Critter kept jumping in front of me & lunging at me from the sides, with sheer delight, of course. Mr. was taking him for an evening potty break. He followed me over 1/2 way across the lake. :-p

Deanna said...

i'm bummed i missed you. next time, eh? i wanna cross country ski too? or i could run with you while you ski :)

hopefully this wind dies down. i guess i'd rather have it twenty below and calm than this junk.

well... i also should tell you that your background is steller!

funky punk said...

You certainly can join me, any time. You'll probably have to run circles around me like Critter, b/c I go kind of slow.

I agree about the weather! (glad you made it out for v-ball!)

Kyle Marvin said...

I'm digging the paisley.

Kyle Marvin said...

That's second comment was an accident. But, seriously; the paisley.

funky punk said...

I figured you sent the comment & then didn't see it, so you sent another. I don't know why it does that. So, I didn't want to just Delete a comment from you. Now, one has been deleted & it feels kind of strange. Though, not as strange as you saying paisley thrice. I'm wondering if these paisley comments are hinting about a fetish of yours.

... Are you in Bethel still? Joe & Melissa were over here today & said they thought you were there for a workshop. Planes weren't flying today, I hear. If you're ever stuck there, now or later, just give me a buzz & I'll come pick you up, if I can.