05 June 2009

Feline Commemoration

Last November you did appear
Prior owner sneezed and coughed here

You did run as I chased behind
Nestle in the evening with me
Flipped on your back, you did not move
White and black, your coat was so smooth

Sister Jade came, causing mischief
Frisky, frolic, wrestle, cuddle
Whence Jade did clean your cheeks freely
You'd be calm and lie there meekly

When I did leave you two to fend
Though under care of my young friend
As I returned, so I did hear
One laid stiff, upon her great fear

Zane doth not meow, confirming
Here this day, only Jade can play


Deanna said...

oh no, zane died? so sad. is it because you left her?

funky punk said...

I left him under someone's care. It's not like I took off for two weeks and said, "See ya, good luck" as I slammed the door. Apparently, he died yesterday or the night before. Kitty heart attack; I don't know.

Deanna said...

so sad :( (i knew you didn't leave leave her. i'm sorry he died.)

T. Smith said...

I give my thoughts and concerns to you and Jade, as she tries to find a new playmate.
I must say, now I know where I got my literary skills from. Haha.

Vicki said...

Oh no, one of your cats died? So sad, Carey. I'm so sorry to hear that.