15 June 2009

Painting Projects galore #2-3, partially #4

I went back to Nunap. after the two weeks in Bethel for the reading class and committee meetings.  During that time, a lot of painting happened.  Here's the before and after photos.  I didn't work alone (except for most of the kitchen).  Thanks for the help, guys! (Only one will probably read this.)  Somewhere around 40 hours was spent on these walls.  

Living Room
(One window frame needs to be stripped and both of them stained like the bedroom.  Other than that, the living room is done.)


My Bedroom
(The other three walls are going to be a light sage color.  That's a fall project.)


Ay'atang'aq said...

It looks AWESOME!!! Great job Carey.

Deanna said...

looks great! i can't wait to see it in person!

funky punk said...

I had help and can't take all the credit. But, it was my vision. :-p Thanks!

Deanna said...

i still haven't seen your house. i wanna come over.