24 January 2010

Dog Owner

As of yesterday, I'm officially a dog owner for the first time in my adult life. This is a dog that I've watched monthly for the past four months. When I was asked if I wanted to take him, I could honestly say "Yes" knowing that I wasn't being rash. He's a super dog!

Name: Baker (He was named before I got him and actually has a full name, including a "Dr." and an "IV" on the end. But, Baker is what he goes by, among varied other nicknames, like Asparagus.)

Sex: Male (All parts attached until I can contact the mobile vet.)

Age: Maybe 9 months. The guess is that he was born in April 2009.

Breed: Village dog aka mutt. You can look and guess for yourself. Let me know if you're good at guessing; I'd like to read more about it.

Size: 29" long (snout to rump) x 18" tall x 20.5" chest ^_^

Here are some more old photos:


Deanna said...

He's much more photogenic than Lola could ever be. I'm glad you're now a happy dog owner. :)

T. Smith said...

Cannot believe this is when you first got him! (:

Carey said...

I know. :-) Looks the same except for his big paws.