08 May 2010

"Breaking Up is Hard To Do"

Updated map... Notice all of the openings.:

NOAA website
I love maps!

The Kuskokwim is the long river you see running in the middle the SW. It's the second largest river in the state, next to the Yukon (the enormous river running in the middle of Alaska. Bethel, LKSD's hub, is the second-ish dot up the river from the coast. You can hover the arrow over dots to see the place names and average break-up dates. Bethel's average date since 1970 is May 12th. Nunap. is NW of Bethel by 26 miles.

Ice in the Johnson River can't move out until the Kuskokwim breaks. Right now, some areas on the Johnson within Nunap. are sketchy. But, mostly it's solid ice in the center. There are very few spots with "needle ice," a sure sign of a weak spot.

It's exciting to see that there are some parts of the Kuskokwim River that are open in the east. We have not had a lot of precipitation this year and it makes me wonder if this is contributing to a semi-late break-up. My fingers are crossed for break-up by May 15th, May 20th at the latest, with no interruptions to our school days of course.

{I'm moving to Bethel by boat on the 23rd. I want plenty of water for that trek. ^_^}

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