22 April 2010


If you are familiar with the Southern U.S., then this expression may be familiar to you. It is not a happy expression. It's a replacement for cussing kind of expression. Let me express this. It's not water proof anymore.

The day after my return from Anchorage, Monday, I left Baker out and the phone on the desk. Perhaps he was attracted to the shiny red. I do realize he sneaks a peek at the desk from the couch when I am gone. From time to time he likes to help himself to various receipts, spark plug boxes, and my desk calendar. This is the way he shows his detestation b/c I leave him alone. All I know now is that 1) I am glad it still works, aside from the de-waterproofing and the flashlight has ceased to function and 2) now he's on lock down when I go to work (in his kennel).

I guess this is the true "Rugged" version. ^_^

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