13 November 2011

Pet Peeves

Dastardly pet peeves!
They’ve been known to drive men mad.
Women and teens too. It’s sad.

Some, give fit; protest at little things.
Chewing with a gaping mouth.
Picking their teeth.
Men opening doors,
Or sleeping with whores.

Not speaking direct.
Saying anything on their mind.
Brushing, brushing their hair.
Not wearing underwear.

Talking in the third person.
Hitting a pencil. Tap. Tap. Tap!
Flossing in your zone.
Talking on the cell. phone.

Who is embarrassed? Unaware? Annoyed?
Who really cares?
Some whine, fight, scoff, or flee.
What am I saying? They’re just like you, and me.

"Get over it." - JPB

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