22 November 2011

What's Carey doing these days?

If you've asked yourself this question, read on. If not, read anyway.

This fall is going well all & all. Busy-ness at work has come to a lull. In-services don't gear back up until January & meetings have ceased. I have been out visiting villages and school sites as well. My third semester of ceramics has been challenging with our projects & my having to miss classes for work & rehearsals for a musical I was in, "The Rocky Horror Bethel Show." Though, I've tried some new things & like a lot of what I have made.

We've had a weekly writing group where we all write something during the week & share on Sunday mornings also - those have been posted on here too. I've also taken to cooking a lot, in spurts. Pinterest has so many great recipes and crafty things to do. As far as crafts, I've only sewn one pair of baby booties for Sara.

The weather has been rather cold with wind chill, but we've had some nice snow dumps. We didn't get hit with the flooding and big winds like the coastal villages. Lots of mornings with the hoar frost. Lots of evenings with the wood stove crackling.
I'm going to Juneau with a friend, Deanna, to stay with Ryan for Thanksgiving. Coming home to North Carolina for Christmas for about a week. Then, Deanna (again ^_^) & I are hitting up Oaxaca, Mexico for a week-long photojournalism class during the Three Kings festival before heading back to Alaska early January. Saying all this makes my life seem exciting. Mostly it feels ordinary, but I'm happy to have it. ^_^

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