05 February 2012

Freedom Matters!

It's been a stressful week. I've been handling the cabin fever okay until recently. But this week I was in the pressure cooker... chainsaw troubleshooting, leaky sinks, caulk guns not working, no truck brakes & two incidents (straddling logs & almost running into the street), no snow-go battery (& more steps than I thought to get it going), crazy cabs, the sentencing of the murders from that trial I was on (104 year each - thank goodness), burns from touching frozen metal (my door), frozen sewage (4 days without being able to drain water), exhaust smell from the Toyo, other people stressing around me, work, my room has been a pit (mirroring my life)...

I finally got some freedom today! Freedom from the burden of my stresses and from the confines of feeling trapped inside.

It was +30s (a 50 degree difference from a few days ago). We had a great writing group again. The chainsaw worked well & I could cut five logs without any trouble, or numb fingers. My snow-go started on the first turn. I exercised two hours - pushing my limits. My roommate chopped the wood to get ready for when we need a fire. I socialized (sometimes a feat). Rode my snow-go with Baker pup, who is so d@#n good on there (I'd forgotten). My beer is happy & doing what it's supposed to. And now I'm writing again. What a great day!

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

I knew putting this photo from Mexico would do something. That balloon has someone's petitions for the new year. My subconscious petitioned warm weather!

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Deanna said...

I felt the tension and then relief you described here.

I'm so thankful it's warmed up too!