12 February 2012

Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered
By British economist E. F. Schumacher (p. 12-14)

The most fateful error is production. The captains, the economists, the journalists. They agree that for rich, now is ‘education for leisure’ and, for poor ‘transfer of technology.’ Human wickedness is the fault of ‘the system.’ In an erroneous view the ‘problem’ has been solved. Man’s attitude to nature as an outside force is a battle. If won he’d lose. We overlook rapidly consuming capital. We labour to make capital. Capital by nature is being used up. It is absurd to believe the problem of production has been solved.

This was another "found poem." His words - my editing. I read two pages from Small is Beautiful and underlined the words I wanted for the poem, to be read sequentially. My aim was to summarize and have the sentences be real sentences. It turned out close to my aim. This was kind of a challenging task; it was like I was reading and composing synchronistically. Try it - it definitely takes a mind shift.

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