02 November 2005

}{alloween }{um

This is how Halloween goes down in Nunapitchuk. All of the kids in the village are divided into 3 groups, which trick-or-treat together. It was decided that during the day & the closest Saturday to Halloween is the day to do it. This was originally thought of b/c of pedifiles & kids being out after dark alone (as if they aren't usually). So, we knew that a massive amount of kids & adults would be sweeping through some time during late morning to early afternoon. There was an announcement on the VHF that they were gathering at the community building to make their rounds. There were taps, pounding, & stomping at our stoop. We open our door & there are a few Jr. high students mildly painted up waiting with open bags. No words, just open bags. Then, a rush of about 65 people flooded past our front porch within about 15 minutes. Tau-i (done).

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