01 November 2005

Boat out of water

It begins! This photo is of our school boat, which is going to be hibernating, most likely until May. This is how quickly the weather can change. We are truely at it's mercy.

*Thursday -- There was one path that had ice thin enough for boats to pass.
*Friday -- Many students could not make it to school because the ice was too thick for boats to go through, but too thin to walk across yet. Some people did walk, but the ice cracked in places as they were walking. Scary!
*Saturday (When I took this picture) -- People were ice skating, ice fishing, & walking sleads across.
*Sunday -- Someone was seen driving their 4-wheeler on the river.

Soon the river will become a highway for snow-go's (aka snow machines or to people in the lower 48, snow mobiles), more 4-wheelers, and even trucks. Yes; I've heard rumor that we have a 'cab' that will use the river as it's road & take you to Bethel (30 miles away) for about $35 & a 1-hour ride. I've also heard that if you get a seat up front that you can stick your head out the window to help the driver vear away from hitting the river bank. I can't wait to try this one. Oh, I've also heard that the planes will land on the river later in the season too.

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