20 November 2005

This is my new passport photo; the most recent photo of me, as I do not have photos taken very often.
I'm going to leave it posted on here until I can figure out how to move it to my profile.

Here's the story... I have somehow misplaced the passport I renewed March 2004. Now, this Christmas break, for 2 weeks I plan on going to Thailand (Bangkok), Vietnam, Hong Kong, pluse another city I can't remember right now. This requires a passport & a Visa (for Vietnam), which requires that you send your passport to apply for the Visa. I'm supposed to leave December 26th & I still haven't applied for the passport. No, I'm not lazy. It's just that our local passport processing center is, well, non-existant. The 1 DMV in Bethel has been closed since August, because there is no one to run the show. Supposedly they were going to open up a few weeks ago. Someone was trained, but they had strep throat so they couldn't start. They were only going to take appointments, because they have been closed for so long. So, I call to set up an appointment; even though for me this means taking a 1/2 day off work, flying to Bethel & back on an $80 ticket. But, it needs to be done if I'm going to go to Thailand, etc.! Waiting until Thanksgiving & taking the chance at a DMV being open in Anchorage over the holiday is just too late. Well, check the calendar, Thanksgiving is next week. Oh, so I made an appointment with someone who actually processes the passports in Bethel. When I called the City of Bethel before this person was 1 of 2 & they were both going to be out of the office until 11/10. When I tried calling after that, the phone line was giving some weird messages. Needless to say I have an apt. on the 23rd, which is when I leave to go to ANC anyway (so no extra $80). Cross your fingers for me that all goes well (not weathered in, lady is actually in the office, mail runs, etc.).

Morel: Don't loose your passport.

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