13 January 2008

Bandits & 27 BELOW zero

So, I may have told you about the snow-machine bandits that are hiding out & then trapping people outside of Bethel. They beat them up, may rob them, etc. It's happening again. There were 2 incidents that I've heard about so far. Both, times it's at night & multiple machines against one, hiding at the lake near the bluffs. One guy was coming from Bethel & all of the sudden several machine's lights come up & they start chasing him, punching him from the sides. In another incident one machine followed them, then another, then one came from the front., etc. They wear helmets so you can't make out faces or races. They have to know people are carrying guns now to secure themselves. I hope the idiots are caught or given a good one-two, not killed, but you know, something to make them stop & think for once. Those to recent events sounded like acts of violence rather than robberies.

Also, it's been freaking in the 20's below zero! It was down to -27.6 today; that's almost 60 degrees below freezing! I'm So glad the wind isn't blowing or it would hurt. Otherwise, it isn't bad, except for when I breathe my lungs kind of feel like they're freezing & my sinuses cramp. Weird, I know. Everything outside is encased in these beautiful crystals.... all the wires, bushes, railings, snow-machines, boardwalk, some parts of walls... It's kind of like winter fairy land.

Ok, our 1st day back at school is tomorrow, so I'm going to finish some lesson plans. G'nite.

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