13 January 2008

Winter break... Happy 2008!

I just made it to Anchorage w/ only 7-1/2 hours in the air, going back 4 time zones, but still. This has been the most efficient that my flights have been Ever. I'm using Expedia again fo' shoa. I'm going to try to stay the night w/ someone in ANC. I don't have my flight back to Bethel booked yet. Isn't that bad!? I did check the website & flight look pretty wide open, though. I think I'll leave tomorrow mid-day & grocery shop in BET tomorrow & get to Nunap in the afternoon.

At this point, I'm still planning on staying in the same village again next year. Although, I don't think I've ever been in the same place, same house & job, for 4 years in a row. The thought of this makes me antsy. But, if I want to make it to 8 years & then get a retirement benefit, even if I move back to the lower 48, it needs to happen. All this said, nothing is set in stone.

This holiday has been too much of what I need. It's opened Pandora's box & made me realize to the extreme all the things I'm missing out on. But, like Pandora's box hope remains to assuage my wanderlust. I guess it's not that bad, given it's taken 5 years of living in AK to get me to this point. My friend's kids & sister are growing up (some in Jr. High). Eating whole, fresh, healthy foods made me feel alive again. It's so hard waiting for my love! Flirting is so invigorating & actually what is still keeping me going; there are still magical connections out there. I have such great friends & you guys are all too spread out! That gives me the excuse to travel to see you though. :-p Don't get me wrong, once I go back to the village I'll be just fine. I don't miss some of this stuff when I'm there b/c I stay busy, my kids are enlightening & challenging, I'll be able to get outside more this semester... let's face it, Alaska is wonderful. I also have a Sydney trip this summer to look forward to & I'm Craving a backpacking trip & CO is always on the back of my mind. I'll just continue to listen to my heartbreak music... plus some new CD's that I bought this break. :-)

Please keep checking out the Hollywood Red link on MySpace; they're putting up new photos all the time, some videos, & they've been recording some. So, you might be able to listen to some of the new stuff before I get back onto here. I'm Really going to try to be better about posting on the http://careyalaska.blogspot.com site. Before that, I'm going to get some more photos up from this break. I forgot my camera when I went to see Hollywood Red on new year's eve. That was just as well b/c I could just zone into the experience. They rocked it & didn't let up for Hours & I only remember them taking one break. Amazing!! John also took some videos & photos that he's going to send me at some point.

So far Facebook is working (no firewall *fingers crossed*). I have found a tunnel around/through the MySpace firewall. I was able to check messages today, but I don't know if I can respond... I'm going to try that tomorrow.

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