13 January 2008

Vonnegut quote

Side note: Vonnegut was a genius! I love his whimsical writing; cyclically he brings together alien abductions, a man with profound bad luck, humor, & tragedies of war.

Here's a quote that I just like:
"But you're right: each clump of symbols is a brief, urgent message--describing a situation, a scene. We Tralfamadorians read them all at once, not one after the other. There isn't any particular relationship between all the messages, except that the author has chosen them carefully, so that, when seen all at once, they produce an image of life that is beautiful and surprising and deep. There is no beginning, no middle, no end, no suspense, no moral, no causes, no effects. What we love in our books are the depths of many marvelous moments seen all at one time." (Slaughter-house-five, 88)

Sometimes I feel like I'm reading life like a Tralfamadorian reads books. If only I would allow myself to be abducted. ;-p

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