17 February 2010

Erudite Squadron of the Tundra Triangle - exploring "The Road"

I think I have failed to mention that our super cool local book club now has a fancy blog. I offhandedly called our club "Erudite Squadron of the Tundra Triangle" (<-- click me) in an entry on here about doublethink in 1984. Vicki thought to create a blog and Deanna, who set-up the collaborative blog, liked the name. Here we are. Up to this point there hasn't been too much activity.

Our current book is The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I know there are folks out there that aren't in our neighborhood (Shaun, Sara, Erin, Jenny, people we don't know...) who have read the book. We don't discriminate. If you'd like to leave some comments, click this link --> The Road. Three, meself included, have left comments hitherto. If you'd like to join us and you know where Deanna lives, the meeting is there today at 6:30 p.m.

Sidenote: I may have coined the term "Tundra Triangle" too. I remember calling it that when I first moved to Nunap. and discovered that this area likened to the Bermuda Triangle. Storms would frequently be a locked in vortex here and surrounding areas were flyable, even Bethel. You could even see blue skies above, the ultimate hint that you are locked in a ground flurry. Now, we're all wishing for snow around here!

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