02 February 2010

Fresh veggies. Delivered today. Divine invention.

Talk about salivating satisfaction! Upon opening my box of organic veggies from Full Circle Farm I was beckoned. The two fluffy bags of spinach among a variety of other vegetables and fruits arrived unscathed from the traveling and cold. I chopped and steamed the following foods that activated most of the major tastes, all slight and balanced. Cooking is such meditation too. Chopping, simmering, steaming, melding, stirring, pouring, washing/rinsing...

The ingredients (all organic, except for the almonds): zucchini, yellow pepper, celery, button mushrooms, spinach, dried cranberries, coconut oil, soy sauce, garlic, onion, ginger paste, some ghee & sugar to candy the almonds. I was a bit concerned about flavor but fought off the urge to add spices, thank goodness. The melding of the foods' flavors made it just perfect.

Yum! I'm so lucky.

It looks a bit messy. But, I guarantee Anthony Bourdain, Julia Child, & Alton Brown would approve w/ a kiss of the finger tips.

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