12 February 2010

My Little Nimrod

I'm temporarily staying in Bethel, "the big city," with a couple of friends, their 21-mon.-old son, and chocolate lab. Because I'm here so long, I brought my dog, Baker, too. Yesterday we all had to leave at the same time, which meant leaving the pups to their own motives. Upon returning at lunch, Shaun discovered that Baker had locked himself in the bathroom, the above crime scene. Evidently, undetected, a bird got into the house and managed to make it's way into the bathroom with my dog in it's wake. There were no meat, bones, or blood to be seen. Just cleanly licked feathers, everywhere, and toilet paper shreds. I'm kind of proud of my little nimrod.

Below are some random recent pictures...

I bet you can't guess who that president is. You may not be able to see he's holding some books in hand: Superhero Comics and Easy Guide to Being President. On the front there are "bad Guy Cards" in the lapel pocket. The sign on the back says, "If found return to the White House."

Isaac and Baker

Loki and Baker

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Deanna said...

When I saw the picture of the bird feathers on the floor in the bathroom, I was really confused by the colors. Now that I've been there (again) I understand those strange colors are actually the tile in the bathroom. It all makes sense now! =D