19 November 2012

I drank the Kool-Aid

It took 9.5 years, but I finally did it.

I bought, and I'm wearing, Carhartts.

Now I feel like I'm back in the North Carolina hills
working on a farm, instead of in Bethel.

And a new, warmer, coat to boot!

Baker's telling me how pretty I look.

Sorry these are so fuzzy; the photos were taken with Photo Booth at night.


This week's forecast.  Brrrr...
Did I mention it was 47 degrees in my house
when I got back from class at 10:00 p.m. tonight? 
I think the filter in my Toyo needs to be cleaned.


T. Smith said...

You're rocking the Carhartt! I like the coat better! (: Hugs and kisses to Baker!

T. Smith said...

And those temps are scary! It's gonna be in the 60's throughout the week, including Thanksgiving, which is great.

Deanna said...

You're back, too! Yay!